Winter Planning – help protect your home from the cold weather

Help protect your home from the Winter conditions. The cold weather can freeze pipes and cause a great deal of damage.

Reports are suggesting the Winter of 2013/14 could be the worst since records began. Before the bad weather hits now is a good time to ensure your home is as best set up to help deal with winter plumbing problems as possible. Prevention is better than cure and damage limitation is essential when problems strike. There are a number of products on the market that your local Dyno Plumbing team can install to help you prevent an emergency and reduce the potential damage when trouble strikes.

– Pipe Lagging – are all your pipes that are susceptible to freezing efficiently lagged? If not then not only are they open to attack from the cold weather and leaks, but they may not be covered under your Insurance policy. All external pipes, underground pipes and ideally those in ‘less heated’ zones (such as lofts, near or within external walls) should be lagged properly to help prevent them freezing.

Iso-Valves – when your pipes are frozen they are exceptionally open to damage, thus causing a major leak. Help prevent further damage in such situations by being able to isolate particular household units or pipework. Iso-Valves isolate plumbing pipes and are inexpensive to install, and normally fitted very quickly and with little fuss.

Sure Stops – Do you know where your Stopcock is? The Sure Stop is a device that makes turning off your water supply much easier. Plus it can be installed in a variety of locations on your pipework, giving you a choice on where it is and making it much more accessible than the everyday stopcock. So when you have a leak you can turn off your water at the flick of a switch.

Tank & Cylinder Jackets – help keep your Tanks and Cylinders protected by wrapping them with a jacket. Designed to help prevent freezing they can prevent you going through the whole problem of having a major tank or cylinder, and necessary pipework, replaced. Such work is costly both in time and money.

Should you have any queries about any of the above items do feel free to speak with our office team on 01737 300454.

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