Dyno Conference 2013 – celebrating 50 years of Dyno

The 2013 Dyno Conference took place in Daventry over May 17th-19th – with this year’s event taking on extra importance as in 2013 Dyno is celebrating its 50th birthday.

The entire Dyno network (Rods, Plumbing and Locks) came together to discuss best practice, the future and how we as a business can be even better to ensure we maintain our brand and high standards.

Dyno Director David Alexander, along with Operations Director Jon Harris, lead the conference and topics from marketing, operations and business development were high on the agenda. We were joined by Matthew Bateman, MD of British Gas Home Services, who went into detail on how Dyno and British Gas Home Services Division plan to keep meeting our customers’ needs and how we as a business can achieve our goals and grow sustainably.

Our Guest speaker was Sean Connelly, a founder and Director at London based Consultancy firm Egremont. Sean gave a fascinating and insightful talk on the future and how his clients, companies such as Boots, ICI and Syngenta, are preparing for the future and how Dyno can do the same. From technological advances to population trends – we learnt that the world will certainly change significantly in the next 50 years!

A great deal of marketing activity is planned to celebrate Dyno’s golden birthday so make sure you keep your eyes peeled and ears open!

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