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Hot Water Cylinder

Running out of hot water too soon in the morning?

Want to have hot water available all the time?

Maybe you would like to consider the removal of your cold water storage tank and in place have installed a more efficient and cleaner system?

Many people refer to Hot Water Cylinders as a ‘Megaflow’, which is understandable as this is the biggest brand in the hot water cylinder market. Not only are we able to install Megaflow’s but we also install RM Cylinders and Gledhill Cylinders – superb alternatives of what is essentially the same product. We can replace a Cylinder like-for-like or remove your old system and install a new, modern hot water cylinder system.

Whilst it is often a large amount of work, typically taking at least 1 day, our customer quickly sees the benefit of having a hot water cylinder installed. With stored hot water you will always have hot water ‘on tap’ and don’t have to worry about cold showers in the morning! Other benefits include more storage space in lofts where the old cold water tank used to be (very handy if you plan a loft conversion!) and improved flow and pressure to your shower and bath.

Our engineers are fully qualified in installing both vented and unvented cylinders, so when the times comes you can have every faith in our ability and experience with this challenging work. All install of new hot water systems come with a 1-year labour guarantee. Giving you peace of mind and comfort in selecting us as your installer of choice.

When considering having an Unvented Cylinder install it is important to bear in mind that the manufacturers recommend an annual service, much like with a Boiler. Of course, we would be happy to discuss this with you whether we have installed your Cylinder or not.

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