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Inta Water Conditioner

Hard water and Limescale build up is a genuine issue with the vast majority of our customers’ homes. It is often evident on taps, shower screens and connections and as long as the items are regularly cleaned with the appropriate liquids it causes no issue other than aesthetics. However, behind the scenes, Limescale could be building up in your pipework, within your home appliances and water units. Over time this could cause some blockages, leaks and damage meaning items need replacing.

To help prevent this from occurring, and to make your water ‘softer’ many homes have installed water softening units. This are often fantastic and do exactly what they are meant to – making the water softer and helping to prevent Limescale build up. However, the negative to thee units is that the water passing through isn’t recommended for drinking (therefore your kitchen tap isn’t connected to or supplied by it), at set intervals in needs ‘topping up’ with the crystals or cartridges that the unit requires and the units themselves tend to be very large – regularly needing a whole kitchen cupboard to house it. Not to mention the price of the unit and installation costs.

We have recently teamed up with Inta, a large plumbing product manufacturer, on their new ‘ActiveFlo’ product. A neat and tidy item that connects directly onto your pipework and conditions the water to be softer. Thus preventing the build up of Limescale in your water system or home appliances and provide safe, ‘softer, conditioned water to your home.

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