Snow and cups of tea – our road safety record in the recent dangerous conditions

Following the recent spate of cold weather, slippery roads and unsafe driving conditions we are delighted with the fact that not only did all our Engineers carry on responding to customer emergencies throughout, but we also remained safe and accident free. Not even snow can stop our Emergency Plumbers, whether than be in South London or the South Coast!

Not only is this a key indicator to the dedication and commitment of our Engineers, but also of the preparation and organisation of the office team and Met Serve’s continued dedication to Health & Safety.

We’d like to thank all our Engineers and office team members for being so dedicated during the days of difficulty. We’d also like to thank our customers for being so understanding if our team were slightly delayed due to the appalling driving conditions. We know our Engineers were especially grateful for the cups of tea upon arrival….especially when they had had to walk half a mile due to roads being shut and snow preventing the vans from being able to reach our customers’ homes.

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